Sorry for the total girl question... (europe)


hiya! just a quick query. When i was travelling Australia and new zealand, most hostels had plug sockets in the bathrooms and the rooms. Is this the same as Europe as ive been told its the law in uk not to have them in bathrooms. Its not that important, cos obviously im there to see the sights but sometimes its easier to get ready in a bathroom rather than risking waking up other people in your dorm!! So just wondering as ive never travelled Europe before


Most major hostels will be similar to what you expect, mostly since they are made for travellers I guess. I don’t remember ever not having a powerpoint when I needed it, but you also get there and realise that curly hair is just going to happen haha. Try and get a double adapter to plug into your european adapter, sometimes there aren’t enough plug spots for the amount of ppl in the dorm :slight_smile: