Some Tips for Cheap Air Tickets


Generally speaking, air travel exceeds other traveling means in speed, but it also costs more. Almost every traveler would like to choose to travel by air if they have enough money. However, most of us would like to experience a wonderful travel with as little money as possible. To save our money, it is necessary for us to learn some tips for getting cheap air tickets. This article will list some advices given by experienced travelers who usually take [link=]China Flights[/link], be it [link=]Beijing Flights [/link]or any other flights.

  1. Booking Air Tickets in Advance
    It usually costs less to book your air ticket in advance. Generally speaking, 15 days before your departure date is the optimal time to book your ticket. However, this is not absolute. Air price also depends on the hotness of the airlines and the seasons. If it is a hot airline in the busy seasons, you will probably have less opportunity to get a discount fare.

  2. Choosing the Right Flight Time
    We all know that flights at different times offer different prices. Usually early and night flights are rather cheaper than day flights. And on Monday, Tuesday and after the golden weeks there are always some discount air tickets provided by airline companies. So to save money, youÂ’d better choose the right time to buy your tickets if your time is flexible.

  3. Choosing Connecting Flights When Necessary
    Airline companies usually offer some connecting flights which get 20% or 30% discount more than direct flights. For example, if you want to travel from Hanzhou to Urumqi, you can choose a connecting flight from Hanzhou to XiÂ’an and then from XiÂ’an to Urumqi instead of a direct flight. By doing so, you can save a lot of money. However, it may cost you more time. Again, if you have flexible time you can do so.

  4. Buying Group Tickets
    Group tickets are much cheaper than individual tickets. So, try to find as many people as possible when you plan a travel. There are two ways to buy group tickets. In the first way, you can directly go to the sales office of an airline company. In the other way, you can book group tickets in a local top travel agency as top travel agencies have usually signed contract with some airline companies and they can offer discount tickets to customers.

  5. One-way Tickets or Round-trip Tickets?
    For convenience, some travelers may book round-trip tickets if they have planned to travel to one place and then come back directly. Usually, round-trip tickets are cheaper than single tickets from the same airline. However, different airlines offer different discount tickets for the same distance. For example, Company A may offer a 60% discount ticket from Beijing to Shanghai and 30% discount tickets from Shanghai to Beijing, while Company B offers 50% off tickets from Beijing to Shanghai and 40% off tickets from Shanghai to Beijing. In this example, youÂ’d better choose a single ticket from Company A when you leave Beijing for Shanghai and another one from Company B when you come back instead of any round-trip tickets.

  6. Taking Advantage of Powerful Searching Engines

If you donÂ’t have much time to look for ticket information by yourself, you can go to some powerful searching engines like Qunar, Kuxun and Taobao. They collect ticket information from all the main airlines and their agents. You can choose your departure date and destination on their webpage and they will offer a list of ticket information ordered from lower price to higher price. You can also observe the price trend on these websites, which will greatly help you make your travel plans.

  1. Buying Cheap Ticket From Airline Website
    Airline companies often offer some promotions and discounts on their official websites. These discounted tickets are rather cheaper than those provided by agents. So if there happens to be a ticket for your destination, donÂ’t miss such a chance. The only condition is that you register on their websites and become a member of these airlines. Sometimes, if you pay by your credit card, you can enjoy more discounts.

  2. Choosing a Nearby Airport
    Sometimes we can choose to land on an airport near our destination if the direct ticket is too expensive. This is like a connecting ticket. For example, if we want to go from Beijing to Lijiang, we can buy a ticket from Beijing to Yunnan and then take other means say by rail to Lijiang. This will save us a lot of money. In addition to saving money, you can also enjoy more sightseeing during your road.

So, thatÂ’s the advice from experienced travelers. I hope they can really help save your money. Enjoy your [link=]china travel[/link]!