Solo Traveller Road Trip USA Ex NYC 27 Nov


Hey guys.
I’m a solo traveller from Australia doing Thi your at the end of the year. Hoping to meet some people before the tour starts!


I am interested in this trip( USA Ex NYC 27 NOV) but I been told by topdeck this particular trip is not Guaranteed ,Right now I booked on different trip that starts in NYC on same date ,I will wait if they get enough people to guarantee for Road trip(USA Ex NYC 27 NOV) than I will move to this trip.


There is a whole lot of other trips that are connected with this one as well like the Southern States and Southwest Charm. So it only needs like 15 people all up to go ahead. They said to me it always does. The more people booked on it the better!! :smile:


:smiley:i will wait until they show Guaranteed on there website than I will switch to this trip: smile:


Hey, I’m looking at doing this trip, probably going to put in the deposit within the next week


Awesome! Let me know if you do!! Where are you from?


I booked it, couldn’t wait. I am from Brisbane


Awesome!! I’m from Melbourne


I’m probably heading over at least 1 full day ahead. Looking at a 25th flight currently to NY


I’m leaving in the 13th of November. Doing 5 days in NYC, then a trek America tour for 8 day tour a of Canada/USA before the Top Deck. I’m finishing the top deck in Las Vegas though and doing 2 daysextda before flying home


Hi there
Myself and my younger sister (24 & 21) are from NZ and looking at doing this tour too!
We are really keen on it but also kind of waiting until it’s guaranteed… I asked the Topdeck people about it last week and they said they still need 10 more people. Looks like there’s still more people interested though so hopefully it gets more bookings soon!
I think we are looking at flying into Toronto so we can go to Niagara Falls then make our way to NYC for a few days before the tour starts and then hopefully some time in LA afterwards too :slight_smile:


Just book it! A lot of people are like you and top deck told me that as long as there is space we can transfer to the coast to coast that leaves the same day.
I’m doing a trek America before it as well that is for 8 days and does Niagra, Toronto, Montreal, Stowe and Boston (it’s called the Northeastern BLT if you’re interested).
Let me know if you book it! Would be awesome to know more people on the trip!
Em :smile:


Hey guys, also a solo traveller from aus on this trip.
I’ve made a fb group so we can connect.
Road Trip USA (ex. New York) 27 November 2016
So feel free to join the group, it will great to get to know everyone before we meet :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Hey guys I’m also doing this tour as a solo traveller, I have just asked to join the Facebook group. So good that it’s guaranteed now! :slight_smile:


Hey guys :slight_smile: My friend and I are doing the Coast to Coast trip, leaving the same day from NY but our tours combine from New Orleans which is awesome :slight_smile: We’ll be in NY for about 4 days before, going to Orlando and San fran before hand :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile: