Solo Traveller 24 day Road trip USA 15th May NYC to LA finish 7th June


Hey guys,

I’m a solo traveller doing the 24 day Road Trip USA from the 15th of May 2016 NYC to LA!

Just wondering if anyone else on here is doing the same tour :slight_smile:


Hi! I’ll also be doing the same tour :slight_smile: I’ll be in new york for a couple of days beforehand and in LA for an extra day afterwards :slight_smile:


Awesome :)! I will be in New York for two days before we start the tour and one day after :). Where abouts are you from? :smile:


Sweet! Add me on Facebook, it’s Natasha Pancho.
I’m from Sydney =)


No worries I’ll add you :slight_smile:


Hey guys im on this tour too :smile:


Yeah!!! Found another person! :smile:


Awesome :smile: getting excited now :slight_smile:


Feel free to add me on Facebook if you want to chat Greg =)


Yes me too :smiley: