Solo travelers!? Please read


Hi everyone!.
I am planning on doing a tour in july 2011. I will be traveling alone i am a 19 year old female. Is there any way i can meet people doing the same tour as me so i can make friends before i go!.?

I am unsure as to what tour i am wanting to do as of yet but something including spain, france and italy perhaps. Please everyone comment on this is if applies to you. :slight_smile: It would be greatly appreciated.

Also i am wanting to do perhaps a 14 day tour and then travel after that not in a tour.
Also if anyone could tell me how much money i would need to bring as a rough guide. :slight_smile:


Hi Gabriella,
I’m doing the Grand European Tour which departs London on April 5th 2011.
I will be 22 by the time the tour departs and am also travelling solo for the first time.

If you are looking to meet people, the best way is to go into the Europe Tours forums on this site, and find your tour, there are heaps of people on there wanting to meet people beforehand.
Although there doesn’t seem to be to many people doing my tour at this stage. Maybe you should come on my tour, it goes through Spain France and Italy and heaps of other countries :slight_smile:

Hope this has helped,


You could also like them on facebook, that might also help you find people doing the same tour :slight_smile:


hey there! Im booked in for the 22 day europe uncovered tour from july 5-26 2011, and am also thinking about maybe going to ireland for 5-7 days afterwards! I am 22 now, will be 23 when I go on my tour. Im planning to try and save enough for about $120 aus dollars a day spending money and a bit extra on top in case i decide to go to ireland for a few days :slight_smile:


hey gabriella, if you are planning a solo trip to europe and looking for other solo traveler you are at the right place.


Hi Gabriella,

I’m 25 and I’ll be heading over for 3 back to back trips next year. I’m on the Mega European leaving 19th April for 7 weeks, then I have 8 days of nothing so far in the UK, then off to do the Iberian Voyager leaving 14th June for 3 weeks and then off to Egypt to do Pyramids and Beaches leaving 5th July for 3 weeks!

I’ll be going solo on the first 2 trips but my friend Liz is meeting me in Egypt.

Might see you on one of my trips!!!



Wow Bec! You’re a trooper! 3 tours…thats gonna be insane :slight_smile:

I’m planning to move there to live after my first tour so I’ll probably end up doing another 1 or 2 of those explorer tours before the end of my 2 years in London.

How long all up are you going to Europe for? I’m going by myself too and am also 25 (26 during the tour though). This is my first trip to Europe and I’m really excited! April/May just get here fast enough as far as I’m concerned! :smiley:


Hello everyone!
I’m doing the Grand European on the 28th of june, for 28 days! Then planning on exploring UK and Ireland myself! I’m 19, will be 20 when I go. Going by myself too, bit scary hehe



Hi Natalie,

I think I’ll be over in Europe approx 10 weeks and then I have 8 days free in the UK at this stage (haven’t planned any of that yet!). I would LOVE to move over there, and this trip is not just about travelling but to get an idea about where I may want to move to! It’s also my first trip to Europe and I can’t wait!


Hey Gabriella
I’m a solo traveller too…i’m doing the Bravo Italia tour at the end of August then spending an extra week in italy to do my own thing. First time travellin on my own so lil nervous but soo excited too. Cant wait!!
Anyone else on here doin the Bravo Italia next year? Or has already done it? Whats it like??


Hi Matt I am also doing that grand euro in April! my friend is also coming but she is leaving straight after. I am staying on u going to travel after the tour? I’m thinking Greece or Spain ??


Hi guys,
I am also a nineteen year old solo traveller (20 in Jan) who will be travelling with Topdeck next year!
I will be on the Iberian Voyager tour starting on June 21st, so a daytrip to Pamplona for the running of the Bulls is included in my tour date ;D
After the tour, I will be spending a week in Barcelona by myself in hostel accomodation, then heading to Singapore to visit family for a week before returning to uni.
Just paid off my flight and tour in full a few days ago, so I can really get excited now! B-)


well its definitely good to hear there’s other solo travellers!! Though I’m starting to feel old with all this 19/20 year old talk…Lucky I’m young at heart! ;D

And Bec, if you’re free & in the UK after your last tour we should meet up for a bit of sightseeing! :slight_smile: I’ll probably be settled by then (hopefully) and I should hopefully know what’s good and local! Lol. hahaha one can only hope I say!

My trip is still over 5 months away but I’m already Way TOOO excited! B-)


Hi Natalie,

I’ll let you know how I’m going after my last trip! haha I’m the same though, wayyyy to excited! lol and we aren’t old…we’re 25!!!


Hi Natalie,
I am also travelling solo in April/May. I am doing Anzac day in Turkey and then 16 days through Eastern Europe. Which tour are you on? I cant wait either. I am starting to get things prepared as there is lots to buy and get sorted.
Cheers Amy


Bec_g > HAHAHA maybe YOU’RE not old :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. For sure, play it by ear - you’ll probably be dead after all that touring! You’ll need to sleep for a solid week!

Aimz39 > Hey Amy! :slight_smile: I would love to do Anzac day one year…I imagine its so moving! I’m doing the summer fun and sailing trip leaving on April 29th for 26 days ;D It’s gonna be amazing. Making my last payment tomorrow actually :slight_smile: It’ll be good to be finished paying for it all! I’m with you though I’d been spending a lot of spare time lately researching and figuring out what I need and working out what everyone’s getting me for christmas and my birthday hehehe B-) Plus I’ve gotta get everything ready for living over there too! So HEAPS to do… :-/


Traveling solo was a kind of fun and excitement though you’re a bit nervous also of what is gonna happen and what you can do.
I have experienced traveling alone and I can say that I had a lot of fun. I met different kinds of people and I made a lot of friends.
So goodluck to you Gabriella.


Hey guys,
Don’t at all be nervous by the prospect of not knowing people. In fact I reckon it’s better NOT to meet first. They become your Euro buddies then…there’s no pre-conceptions about them and everything you learn about each other is done on the other side of the world! It’s fantastic!! I was quite a shy person here but over there you just open up and say hi to anyone and everyone! It’s fantastic!!! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’m travelling solo in June 2011, I will be 20 at the time. Going on the Eastern Explore tour.
I agree it can be kind of intimidating going to foreign countries without knowing anyone, but there will be so many other people doing the same thing that you’ll make tons of friends.
If you’re interested in eastern europe and don’t mind leaving a month earlier than expected, feel free to join me!! (Departing June 7th)



hey gabriella,

i think majority of people are doing this solo! I am doing european odyssey in july by myself! so excited! it’s my first overseas trip alone & i am 18 :slight_smile:
maybe i will see you there!