Solo traveler, wondering to book top deck, 31 years old


Hey all.

I’m looking to book a tour around Japan after my best friends wedding. Thing is, I’ll be traveling alone and I’ve never used top deck before so I’m a little skittish about it. I’ve used Contiki before and although it was fun I felt like I was one of the oldest people there at the time (I was 26).

Can anyone confirm the average age on a typical trip. I love taking these types of tours but I just don’t want to feel out of place.



Hey Andrew,
Im 34 and booked my 1st Topdeck for august this year! also going solo, cant wait.

I know of a few people on my tour through the forums who are similar age to me.

I remember the europe contiki i did most people were around 25 yrs - its probably similar with Top deck


Hi Andrew,

Same boat here. I’m 34 and have done 2 Topdeck tours. The first one Central Europe, I was the old man (2015), the second one I was roughly the average age of 33. August this year I suspect I could be the old man again. You get a lot of spare time and can pretty much do what you want, so if you want to wander off and do your own thing, you can. Or hang out with youngings.

It often depends on the location of the trip I believe.


Im doing a topdeck tour as well as a solo travel and I’m 33.


Hey travellers :slight_smile: I HAVE A HUUUGE FAVOUR to ask. Can I please transfer my $200 deposit to someone? You can have it for $175 if ya want, I just need the actual money right now instead of a maybe trip :frowning: sad story i know, but please email me

@AndrewN ?


Im doing a Europe topdeck tour next year and will be 31 :slight_smile:


I’m going to book Europe uncovered in June 2019 :blush: 32 definately will be the oldest in the group laugh out loud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am planning a tour as well as a travel and I am 30.


I was 27 when i did a contiki through europe. I was one of the oldest people there, but it honestly wasn’t that bad. I’ve definitely heard older people tend to go on topdecks though? so my next one will definitely be a topdeck and i am thinking of a snow trip to japan or canada in late january.


I am looking at the same tour around May/june I will be 28 and was worried everyone else would be in their early 20s!


I’m doing a tour in New Zealand next year, first time solo travel 23 (24 just after the trip). Seems to vary in ages :slightly_smiling_face: