Solo travel


Hi everyone, this my first forum post, I am looking to go America next year on my own ,anyone here experienced it? what are thecpisitives and negatives?


Hi Nicki, I am the exact same looking to go to Amercia next year on my own, from the reviews I have been reading it can be daunting at first but once you meet new people on the tour you make lots of friends :slight_smile: What month were you looking at going?


I’m going to America next year on a tour by myself, I am nervous and scared but also very excited to step out my comfort zone and do something that I didn’t think I could do! I’ve been to America 3 times before and I love it so much, and it’s such a good experience.


Thanks for the reply guys,I am looking at going in November to dec next about you guys what month are you’s planing To go?


I’m going in April, and spending a little over a month in America :slight_smile:


I’m looking at going in February just before I go back to uni even though it will be cold in America at that time year haha

I’m looking at possibly going for a month coz I was originally wanted to do the Stars & stripes tour for 13 days but then I thought is my first time going to America & it may be ages if I ever go back again