Solo on southern explorer: 19/6/17 - 25/6/17



I’m looking into doing the 7 day Southern Explorer trip this year in June! Is any other solo travellers from Australia considering doing this too?

I have never done a Topdeck tour before and I haven’t been to New Zealand either! Any comments or feedback from people who have already done this trip would be great!

Thank you!


Hi! Looks like I might be joining you. I’m travelling from Sydney :slight_smile:


Oh awesome! Have you ever done a tour before? :slight_smile:


No this will be my first tour and my first trip to NZ! What about you? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m exactly the same! Have you booked it yet?


Not yet, but hopefully in the next week or so. I’m looking at doing the 16 day tour (But the southern explorer is a part of it!). What about you?


I’m booking the Southern Explorer (just the 7 day one) but I’m pretty sure they cross over! Do you have Facebook at all and we can talk on there! :slight_smile:


Seriously considering this date or the week before! Solo traveller too from Sydney


Hey jomel, have you booked? I just booked for the 12-18th June northern explorer!


I sure have! I’m on the app if you wanna chat :slight_smile: there’s a few of us on there


I’m on the southern explorer


Hi guys i am looking at the southern explorer end of june or beginning of july… any of you going then?


I’m booked on the southern explorer the week before: 12-19th June :blush:


Hey! I’ve just booked the Southern Explorer Trip for 25th June - 1st July 2017. This will be my first Topdeck tour, travelling solo from Adelaide! Let me know if any of you will be on this tour :slight_smile:


Hey!! I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to book the Southern Explorer (Sun 02 Jul - Sat 08 Jul). When are you thinking of going? :slight_smile: