Solo newbie.. sharing room experiences?


Howdy, I’m new to solo travel and will be doing the USA & Canada tour in Aug/Sept… Very excited but also a tad nervous as I’ve never done a tour before, let alone on my own, and a bit apprehensive about sharing a room with someone I don’t know… anyone have any experiences they’d like to share? Advice? Thoughts??? Am I being nervous for no reason? Is it safe enough…?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have never been with top deck before (I will be going in June for the first time, and will be solo), but I have had a similar experience while studying abroad three years ago. The majority of us were on that trip without knowing anyone else.We made friends rather fast. There were some people who’s personalities didn’t mix. For example one girl wanted to stay out all night parting, while her roommate was an early bird who liked to jog at 6 am.The solution was that the party girl traded so that she was rooming with one of her new party friends, I’m sure that the same thing could be arranged if needed. There were no major problems and it has been three years and most of us still keep in touch with Facebook. I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Just bring your patience, remember everyone is different, it doesn’t mean they are bad or wrong, and you will be just fine. I’m also willing to bet you are going to make some great friends.


Thanks so much for your reply… that’s really great to hear!

I definitely agree that it’s all about the outlook you bring so thanks for sharing :slight_smile: