Solo lass, open to any travel options. Egypt? Israel? North Africa?


Hi :tipping_hand_woman:

I am traveling solo to the UK Sep 25th - Oct 30th I have absolutely no plans, so am open to anything if someone is also thinking solo travel shenanigans?
I’d love to either do a tour in the Middle East, or North Africa.
I’ve traveled a lot of Eastern Europe, but would also be interested in West Europe…
I am an open book!
32 yr old, gay lass. Super friendly, and open to exploration worldly stuff :grin::grin:




I really liked Israel and would recommend it! I wrote about our trip here:

Maybe you’ll find it useful. We also liked Crete, Montenegro and North of Italy in particular, I also posted some stories on those. Just let me know, if you have any questions. :slight_smile:
Have a great trip!