Solo Aussie tour


Hi everyone! I’m wanting to book my first solo tour, I am so scared! So can anyone give me some tips on how it’ll be? I never do anything alone! would love to meet some new people and go on a trip together or just have a chat to calm my nerves! I’m wanting to do an Australian one for my first trip, so I can get the hang of it all. Who’s been on one and can give me some info on doing it solo?!


Hi @staceyls
Book it!!!
You wont regret going solo I promise, I did a USA tour in Aug last year and 90% of us were solo travellers. A lot of them were also 1st timers overseas
We still keep in touch and catch up when we can - 5 months later. :slight_smile:

When you book, you get access to the app / group chat specific to your tour - you will be able to chat with others who are booked on your tour.
After we had a few people join the app chat - we actually made a facebook group - was easier for chatting, post photos and website links etc.

I wrote this post below when I get back home - whilst it is based on my USA trip there should be some helpful tips in there for you - I hope it helps
Yell out if you have any other questions, be happy to help if i can :slight_smile:

Cheers, Leah