Soho to boho Oct 4th


Anyone else on this tour?




Hey Amy[br][br]I just had a quick squizz at our relative itineraries (I’m doing a Euro Odyssey from 04OCT with my other half) and they’re identical right up until day 14 - the last day of your Soho to Boho tour! Perhaps the two combine…? [br][br]If so, I think we may have (finally) found a fellow traveller!! :)[br][br]If not, I stand corrected and our respective groups are following each other around the place for two weeks anyway hehe. :)[br][br]twinbutterfly:-[[br] EURO ODYSSEY 04 OCT [br]Can’t WAIT!!!


oh really, you might be right, its a bit weird how we cant find anyone on our tours hey. maybe we get off at prague and you guys keep going. im going with a mate, cant wait either… well we may be meeting you guys soon then kido!


It certainly appears so :)[br][br]And it is bizarre no-one else has come out of the woodwork yet. Oh well - more room for us!! Huzzah![br][br]I can’t believe it’s already 6 weeks tomorrow that the tour starts. Time has just flown since I booked in April…[br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]


Just keeping topic in the loop.[br][br]If anyone’s on either the Soho to Boho OR Euro Odyssey departing 04OCT, it would be great to hear from you!! Only 3 weeks to go! [br][br]:):):);D[br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]


Hey Guys, We did the European Odyssey and the Soho to Boho was with our tour and they left after Prague and then there is a small tour you can do Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam and we had 1 girl do that with us from Prague.[br]It is sad to have people leave after Prague (It’s like you do 2 farewell parties!) but the plus side is there is more room on the bus afterwards![br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


Hey Lisa[br][br]Thanks heaps for that - good to know there’s at least another person (i.e. Amy87) on our tour besides me and my other half - it’s been like trying to find a needle in a haystack! :)[br][br]How long ago did you do your Odyssey? Any particular highlights? [br][br]We’ve only got just over 2 weeks before we leave for London and I feel so disorganised despite booking everything MONTHS ago…I still have no idea what to pack and how much etc. Oh well, I’m sure it will come in time…;)[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Lisa :)[br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]


well done mate, you did well to guess that right! looks like will be meeting you in a few weeks time, im pumped!


Hey Lisa,[br]There are so many highlights it just depends on what you like. I loved Austria because it was the first time on the tour that we had a chilled out day and you got to do nothing and feel good about it! We pretty much did nearly every optional which was worth it. We didn’t realize how full on the trip is, if your not on the bus traveling your trying to fit in as much as you can in each city.[br]You really don’t need to take much clothing I wore the same thing often. Take clothes you can wash in a sink. No hotels have laundry’s and if you do want to go to a laundry you need approx 3-4 hours, time you can spend seeing the city your in. So I just rotated between 2 outfits to wash them in the sink! [br]Some sort of pillow for the bus is also good as it’s the best time to catch up on sleep![br]Happy to answer more specific questions just ask. I felt so disorganised also despite spending 2 years planning it![br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


hey Lisa o[br]did you get much free time or is everythig kid of planned so your always with the rest of the tour?


It felt pretty evened out. Even if your doing an optional thing with your tour mates you can still kinda break from the group. Of course if your not doing the optionals you can go and do your own thing. [br]I would say that half the day would be your activity and the other half is free. Some places they would do a ‘pick up time’. Eg. They may make an 8pm pick up time from the city to go back to the accommodation. Of course you don’t have to go at that time but you would ten need to make your own way back. [br]The next day is usually spent driving to the next destination and you will usually leave to drive about 8am and get to the next place anywhere from 4pm-7pm to then have a group dinner.[br]The 1st night in Paris your dropped off at a point to get your own dinner with a ‘pick up time’. It was funny how the people who grouped for dinner this night pretty much cemented the groups/friendships for the tour![br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


Awesome - cheers for the tips, Lis! Can I also ask what method of payment/money you found was easiest for you over the duration of the trip? I’d normally be happy with just my ATM card and CC, but after hearing that CC Pins may be required in Europe and considering the fact that it costs me $4.50 each time I make an international transaction on my ATM card…I’m starting to consider travel card options.[br][br]Amy - yay! Our first official travel companion! FYI my bf and I are from Perth - he’s 30 (old man) and I’m 29, but for both of us it’s our first time to Europe so while we may end up the Nanna and Grandpa of the trip, we’re feeling pretty green about it (novice, not ill, that is!) Excited, too, of course!!! :slight_smile: Are you travelling alone or with a friend? [br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]


yeh how exciting hey, yeh im travelling with my mate renae, its our first time to europe too im 21 and shes 22 and were both from adelaide. im so glade theres older people on tour tho, its good having a good combo of ages!! how exciting were leaving tues in 2 weeks time and heading to amsterdam first for a few days before we fly back to london the night before we leave!!! cant wait to meet ya mate


With the money stuff I just withdrew money from my ATM card. I would get around 500 euro at a time and that would last me for a few days. That way we were not carrying too much money.[br]You CC will need a pin. But with big purchases I would put it on my CC as then I was not paying for the fee of withdrawing money. My CC did not charge me for using my CC overseas which made a difference as sometimes to withdraw money I could be charged up to $15au with the least being $5au and I could not figure out why there were differences.[br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


[br]Contrary to popular opinion, ain’t nothing wrong with Adelaide (I come from there originally myself!) Important question: Crows or Port (or neither!)?? ;)[br][br]You’ll have to be sure to give us the hot tips on what’s fab to see and do in AMS along the way…as long as we can’t break a hip doing it :o) kidding…[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you and Renae - happy to keep swapping tips between now and then though!![br][br][br][br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]


wow not long to go now, how exciting!!! u guys starting to get organised when do u leave again?


Extremely exciting!!! We leave in 2 days!![br][br]We’re staying in London for 4 nights before the tour starts (3 in central London, and one night at the Holiday Express Inn near Globetrotters the night before.)[br][br]Previously I’d been a bit too stressed out/worried to get excited but it’s really starting to hit me now. Just have to pack…hmm…[br][br]How about you guys? You’d be flying out real soon too, yeah?[br][br]Wow, this time next week we’ll be getting up with the birds (even before) and it all begins…can you believe it?!![br][br]EURO ODYSSEY OCT08[br]Can’t wait!!![br]