Soho to Boho - 28 June


very excited to go to europe (counting down the days now) - who else is going on this tour??[br]i am traveling with my sister and staying a few days extra in prague[br]:)[br]panagiota


also i forgot to say that it’s my birthday - turning 20 - on the last day of the tour when we will be in Prague - very excited!!!


hey! im also on that tour :slight_smile: im travelling by myself on the tour and then catching up with some friends back in london. will be awesome to be celebrating your birthday whilst your away! are you staying at the globetrotter before the tour starts?


Hey!!! glad someone else is going lol[br]we are staying in london from the 21-25 of june, then catching the eurostar to paris and joining the tour there on the 28th[br]we are also staying from the 11-15 in prague after the tour finishes[br]can’t wait!!! (when are you going to be in london?)


yeah there has only been one other to reply on here! i get into london on the 23rd…hoping to spend 2 days sightseeing in london, go to wimbledon for a day, and then head out to see stonehenge and bath. cant wait, only two weeks till i fly out!!!