Social activities on tour?


I’m probably doing a Top Deck tour next year… I heard from a friend who did a contiki tour some years ago that they arrange a lot of fun stuff in the evenings… such as parties, games etc. to make ppl get to know each other. For the people who have travelled with Top Deck, do they do the same? [br][br]Any comments on the 48d Top Deck tour of Europe? [br][br]Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, Im Peta, im doing the 48 day tour aswell next year, i did a contiki last year and it wasawesome and i was a little worried about if topdeck did all the same stuff, but when i did contiki i didnt find out about all that fun stuff until i was on the tour so im hoping topdeck is the same deal. Either way im going to go on it and i guess wherever you go in europe there is always somewhere to party !!!;D[br][br]kitsch


yup they did all that on the tour i did. great fun… especially the toga party