So I've got 10 days to kill


I have given myself 10 days after my tour to hang out in Europe. Bearing in mind I’m a 22 year old female overseas for the first time, by myself, with a small budget - what y’all recommend I do?[br][br]Try and find an explorer tour that doesn’t clash with dates?[br]Hang out in London?[br]Go to the Greek Islands for a few days?[br]Change my flight days and come home early?[br]Take random trains/buses to random places and pray I can find somewhere to stay?[br]What would be cheaper/easier?[br][br]Opinions/advice please!


Whatever you do DON’T go home early!!! It costs so much to get over there in the first place you don’t want to waste a single second. [br][br]My opinion is that instead of planning every day of your trip before you’ve even left you should play it by ear, you never know who you’ll meet on your tour or around the place and who’ll have some free time the same as you. [br][br]Also you’ll prob see things or hear of things from other people that sound really interesting and you can do them in your extra 10 days[br][br]Good luck whatever you decide :)[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands [br]


I agree with Nicole - Don’t go home early![br][br]Have you thought about seeing a show or two in the West End?? There are HEAPS on - so should be something that suits your tastes…[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


I will third the ‘don’t go home’. At the end of my holiday i have about a week where i haven’t planned anything in concrete- i have simply noted down some places that i want/ would like to see and checked whether they are open at the time i think i will be there. plus like Nicole said you never know who your going to meet and the awesome places that people recommend. [br][br]have fun[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Go to Edinburgh! Dont go home early. Catch the train, stay at the globetrotter and eat some haggis! Scotland is awesome, I would move there tomorrow if I could!


Woah! thanks guys :slight_smile: Huge help :)[br]Thinking I will check out Scotland - looks amazing :slight_smile:


Oh do it, my partner and I hired a car and drove around Scotland for a week! It is such and amazing beautiful place. You feel like your at home.


Glad we convinced you to stay mcfan86!!! ;D[br][br][br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


I have a bit of time at the end of my trip too. I’m doing the British Isle tour which finishes in Glasgow on 31 July and I’m leaving London on 11 August. Need to make own arrangements from Glasgow so I’m investigating what I can do. Maybe stay there another day or so or stop somewhere else en route back to London.[br]Anyone got a suggestion?


Go somewhere like Edinburgh on the way home. Glasgow wasnt as nice as all the other places we went in Scotland! Its a bit more industrial and cold! Or maybe wales?


Yeah I am looking forward to Edinburgh but there’s 3 days there on the tour before Glasgow. So somewhere different would be good. Where else in Scotland did you go?[br][br]Thinking about maybe stopping in Liverpool on the way back as I’d love to see the Beatles museum there and also the Beatles city tour haha. I wouldn’t go there from London just for that but maybe on the way back from further north. Also have a friend in Wigan I could meet up with.


we went to Inverness (very pretty) all the way up loch ness on the search for nessie, Stirling, very cute little place and Fort William.There are lots of little places in between! You will love Edinburgh, its a great place to just walk around, go shopping and eat yummy food! And the castle is the BEST castle we went too (and we went to lots!)