Smart Outfit For Nightlife?


Ok so I know what a smart outfit is but can anyone tell me how necessary this is? I was originally thinking of just Jeans and a shirt for evening wear. But have noticed that my trip (european gateway) takes in a casino in Monaco so any ideas on what I should be taking for the evening I dont want to get myself all the way there and find a fussy bouncer not letting me in (or is that just london?)


u need a smart outfit 2 go night clubbing or 2 a nice restaurant… and depending on which tour u r on u may get 2 go 2 c the vienna orchestra etc… so u will need 2 dress up 4 that.[br]which european getaway tour r u on? i am on the same tour which departs on 6th sept[br][br]Pondi


oh joy even more to carry, i’m on the 23rd August departure


little black dress forever


yeah that will look smashing with my hairy legs ;D


i think i will b taking my friends shopping in london (2 gay males) to find the perfect outfit for the trip… lol


My boyfriend is planning to take only one pair of shoes (sports shoes type of things). Do you reckon he will need some black ‘going out shoes’ as well? What are other guys out there planning to take?[br]He thinks shoes will take up too much room (and weigh too much!)… :slight_smile: Any advice?


I know in Australia you can not get into some places with sneakers on. Depends on what you are going to do. I know places like the Casinos in Monaco and stuff have strict dress codes and will not let you in.