? Sleeps to Go


:)Hi Guys,[br][br]Sorry I cant help myself but I have 46 sleeps until I leave, its my first trip overseas and it couldnt come at a better time, I am looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime.[br][br]Anyone got any hot tips for a first time traveller?[br][br]Happy travelling.


only take bare minimum. take say 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner. and any other health products as you can buy these on the way. Pack light. Just chill out and have fun. The travel bug is still running in my veins, some 4 years after i started doing backpacking trips around the world[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hey[br]Once you get the travel bug you won’t be able to stop! I am down to 8 sleeps before my trip and I am so excited too.[br]As for travel tips! [br]Pack as light as possible. Honestly if you need any thing just pick it up when you need it. Swimmers, jeans, couple of t-shirts, jacket, shoes and you’ll be laughing.[br]Probably should check out visas, insurance too…(of course!)[br]Have fun.#K


HI,[br][br]Thanks for the tips. Its had to believe that I have been planning this for so long and I have little more than a month to go. Happy Travels.[br][br]:slight_smile:


Travelling light is the best way, because although you are on a bus trip, you still have to carry your pack from the coach to your room etc etc etc.[br][br]As for what to pack - something nice to wear on those killer nights out, some swimmers for the French Riv and the site pools, something sporty for Tyrol !!! :p[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you all bright and early on the 4th (or in the Globetrotter Bar the night before)! }:)[br][br]HEINZ[br](Topdeck Trip Leader)[br][br]“Get into it!!”