Sleeping on Tour


Hi, Me and my partner have booked a Euro Club tour for july-Aug, i was wondering about sleeing arrangements? we do slee in the same room dont we? and can we just bring one sleeping bag for the both of us?



We actually just did the Euro Club. We slept in the same room for most of the trip. I think the only time we didn’t was in Paris (BnB). We would usually sleep with other couples in the rooms. The accomodations are mostly bunk beds, but my husband and I would just usually make it work on the bottem bunk. It Nice, France (Seaside) we got a nice big bed to ourselves, but again we roomed with another couple. I think in Switzerland we ended up rooming with 2 other females, but they didn’t mind and neither did we (Only 1 double bed in rooms) We usually ended up rooming with the same couple often.
The only time we used sleeping bags was as extra covers and what not for warmth. We only did use one, but we did take mini fleecy blanket which was used for the tour bus (they like to pump AC sometimes) and again at bed time if it was a cold night.