Sleeping bags?


gday people[br][br]hey, do we really need to take sleeping bags, would a good sleeping bag liner do the job. I know i am heading north into scandinavian country so it may be coolish.[br][br]was on contiki few years back in july(basic european trip), they said you needed a sleeping bag also, so got a cheap one from them, never needed it so all i did was have a sleeping bag that i had to cart around. Don’t want to have to cart a sleeping bag around while i am in denmark with friends.[br][br]cheer people[br][br]Dale, Red Star special 29th june[br][br]


Yo![br]Well yr euro club trip does require a sleeping bag, so I’d suggest you bring one! i think you answered yr own question by saying your trip will be a bit coolish.[br]But more importently definately take a sleeping bag liner as yr bag will get pretty manky as the days go on.[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand


I’ll let you know Dale. I’m on the same tour but starting May.[br][br]Is a liner necessary really?? Now, i’m thinking about this. It’s only 19 days that the bag will actually be used out of the 36 days.[br]Also, I’m wondering if taking a pillow is necessary as well.


My brother went on contiki last year and he wishes that he had a liner. Think about it, you’re traveling heaps everyday, getting dirty, getting careless with bedtime routines if you’ve been drinking too much. A liner you can just take out and wash with yr laundry and you sleep comfy and clean throughtout your trip. People at home normally wash their sheets every few weeks anyway.[br]Liners don’t have to be expensive they range from the delux super-stylin silk linbers to yr basic polyester/cotton variety. I’m taking a pyrethrin one for the bugs in south-east asia later in my trip, but might take a basic one for europe as well.[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


thanks for the replies.[br][br]i know that they say you require a sleeping bag but i was thinking probably most places we stay at probably don’t get real cold since there buildings are designed for the really cold weather. I was in in dk and europe for a month and never used any sort of sleeping bag at all. just a sheet. i was thinking about getting one of the slightly warmer liners. check it out tomorrow when i go to the city to buy a few things for the the trip. [br] [br]hey cruisey, pillow, yeh i have thought about it too. they seem to like their flat pillows over there. if you like a high pillow i would think about taking one but i reckon you would have to be sure its going to be comfortable. i don’t know what other peoples experiences have been with european pillows. also have fun on the tour by the way, won’t be long and you will be up and away.:sunglasses: