Sleeping Bags


A few really dumb questions …

Am I right in thinking we need to bring a sleeping bag on euroclub winter tours in Europe?

While in transit, does the sleeping bag need to be IN our luggage, or is it an additional piece?

Any recommendations on a warm sleeping bag for European winters?


Hi Marn,
I went on winter getaway few months ago and told to bring sleeping bag. It turned out we didnt use it at all as the hostels and hotels provided proper bedding and blanket. I wasn’t very happy about it cos I had to buy the sleeping bag and it took so much space in my bag lol… read it somewhere on topdeck website that you no longer need to bring sleeping bag. but just ask them to be sure.


I have a feeling you still need to bring it…or at least they recommend it?!
And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be sqaushed into your luggage, it can be an additional piece.

I’m going on a winter tour and staying over in Europe for a month afterwards, and I will definitely be taking a sleeping bag! Nothing worse than being freezing one night!

Plus…whilst you’re on the tour, you don’t have to worry about carrying it around too much anyway!



Hi guys,

You only need to bring a sleeping bag on your EuroClub trip if your trip does Flotilla Sailing in Greece, bedding will be provided in all other EuroClub accommodations.

If you’re a cold sleeper (and some of us are :slight_smile: !!!) you might want to bring one with you for extra warmth…it can get pretty chilly in Europe in winter. This can be in addition to your main pack.

Topdeck Team




I have been told NOT to bring a sleeping bag also, due to there being sheets at all the hostels.

I am going to bring a sleeping bag liner however, just to get rid of heeby-jeebies about dirty sheets and such, it’ll be nice to have your own little pod to snuggle in and it takes up no space in your luggage.


I was wondering the same. If we dont have to then I will not bother. I need everyone one of those 23kg on my return back to Aus!
Sleep in a jacket if I have to…