Sleeping bags



I am doing a Euroclub tour (Roman Chariot), now I understand that we will be housed in hostels.

I wanted to know how important it is to carry a sleeping bag, as it is recommended. Also what is the kind of temperature one should expect at that time of the year. Reason I am confused that if this includes indoor stays then are we exposed to harsh cold weather or something ? If yes then what kind of sleeping bag I should carry.

And one more thing are topdeck tours generally quieter holiday experiences. I have read on other blogs that it generally sober and quieter unlike contiki which is wilder… now i do wanna party hard when I am on vacation, so I am wondering am I in the right company?

Look forward to your comments.



Topdeck peoples still party. Worry not. It’s not the entire focus of the trip like it is with contiki. It will really depend on who is on your tour, but my guess is that out of 30-40 twenty something people you won’t have a problem finding a few party people.

And to answer the sleeping bag question for the 18th time, you probably don’t need a proper sleeping bag. A sleep sack or something similar will most likely be enough. If you go slim on the sleeping bag make sure you have warm clothes in the event that it’s cold.

For bonus points bring a pillow case.


thanks matthew…