Sleeping bags


Hi, [br][br]Im doing a winter europe tour, and need a sleeping bag. Does anyone know what kind will be best (i.e. or what sort of temperatures). And a good place to get a cheap one. [br][br]Thanks[br][br]Laura


Hi Laura,[br][br]I am also traveling in winter. I am doing the Winter Wonder on Jan 2nd, what trip are you on? As mine is Eurohotel, I am not too concerned with how warm my sleeping bag is as there should be blankets in the hotel. Depending on your budget and where you live, Kathmandu in Australia have great sleeping bags that are small but really warm however they are a couple of hundred dollars.[br]I am planning bringing really warm pjs and if worse comes to worse, I will sleep in my thermals and coat! :-)[br][br]Andrea


Try around various camping stores and try and bargain the price down. I would recommend a down sleeping bag for warmth but they are often more expensive. Alternatively you can buy a reasonable sleeping bag and a silk inner sheet/sleeping bag liner. These are really cheap and will make any sleeping bag considerably warmer. Plus you use them when staying at a hostel if you are afraid of bed bugs or just general cleanliness.[br][br]Hope this helps[br][br]Mike


Hi, [br][br]Traveling on the 15th Nov winter spirit tour. Thanks for the help. It think the silk liner is a good idea if the budget will stretch that far. I dont want to spend much as this will proabably be the only time i use it. [br][br]Does anyone know if this has to fit into our suitcase and counts as part of our 20kg limit, or can i just tie it on the outside. [br][br]Thanks[br][br]Laura


My understanding is (I’m sure I read this somewhere) that the sleeping bag doesn’t need to go in your main bag and can be an extra with your carry on bag. (So it doesn’t count in the 20 kilos)