sleeping bags???


hi,[br][br]i’m on european getaway (30th october) and it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag… i was just wondering if this is completely neccisary and also if anyone knows of a brand that isn’t very heavy and space consuming :S [br]any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated[br]:slight_smile:


I’m on the winter getaway on the 27th of November, I bought a Roman brand one its very light and warm, cost about $130. there are cheaper ones available but not as warm and light.


thanks for your advice :slight_smile: i’ve heard that the roman brand is rather good from some other people too and i shall look into it.[br][br]


hey i just got back from a trip. def take a sleeping bag. some places dont provide bedding any u will be screwed without it. u can just throw it in the bus loose dont have to put it in ur bag. most places had blankets just not sheets so get a cheep one an toss it and end of trip if u like.


I did the European wonder tour and bought a blackwolf sleeping bag, didn’t use it once, every place we stayed had sheets and blankets, but I would still take a sleeping bag on the next tour because you would be screwed without it if you needed it even if it was only once.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!