Sleeping bags on planes


Hey, [br][br]Just wanted to know if anyone had taken their sleeping bags on the [br]plane with them, if so were you allowed to carry it on or did it have to be in ya bag??


a seriously random question![br]most airlines will let you take small luggage onboard so just put it in with that…getting it on the plane wont be the issue, you will get seriously weird looks tho if you get into your sleeping bag on a plane!![br][br]if youv never done a big flight before, it does tend to get a little cold in the night (of course) but i normally find the blanket they provide and a good hoodie sorts me out.[br][br]Edinburgh Festival & Tattoo 2009[br]Oktoberfest - Grossmeister 2009[br]Pyramids & Beaches Xmas 2009[br]


Yes i know its a seriously random question![br][br]Just thought id ask anyways cause rather than having to [br]stuff it into my backpack[br]


Hi Mel,[br][br]Do you want to carry the sleeping bag on the plane for warmth or are you more concerned about fitting it into your backpack???[br][br]My flights are with Qantas so I emailed them regarding this… They replied that you are allowed to tie the sleeping bag to the outside of the backpack and not have it packed in the bag, but you have to remember that the bags get thrown around and the sleeping bag could get damaged if it is leaning against something sharp. [br][br]If you do want it just so that your warm, remember that there are blankets and its just an extra thing that you have to keep an eye on. [br][br]Hope that helps!![br]Carly[br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


I was actually wondering a similar thing! [br][br]I have no room in my bag for a sleeping bag and I’m paranoid it will get lost if I tie it to my bag…I too contacted the airline I’m flying with and they said bringing it on board wasn’t an issue, providing it (along with my day bag) didn’t go over their weight restrictions