Sleeping bags on European Pioneer tour


Anyone on the 12th May European Pioneer trip going to bring a sleeping bag? It is suggested, but I don’t think it is going to fit into my luggage. I dont want to be the only person that brings it, or doesn’t bring it though. What’s everyone else doing??


Topdeck have just come out and said that you no longer need sleeping bags on Euro Club unless you’re going flotilla sailing (which European Pioneer doesn’t) so you will be fine without one :slight_smile: I’m not taking one when I go in August


Fantastic! Thanks so much for that


I am still taking mine as I don’t want to freeze my ass off. Coming from aust I think I’m gonna be cold. I guess it all depends if u think uncan handle the cold nights and still sleep. I can’t sleep when I’m cold so I’d rather have it just in case.