Sleeping bags - Norway


Hey - possibly a stupid question, but…

Is it possible to buy sleeping bags at European airports (esp Barcelona or Oslo)?

I need a sleeping bag for the Scenic Scandi tour but would rather not cart one around Europe in the five weeks of travelling I’m doing before that tour starts, when I won’t be needing it until I get to Norway. (I’m the first to admit that this is a first world problem so will happily suck it up if need be - was just wondering if there are any alternatives!) I have a sleeping sheet which doesn’t take up much room - but I guess this is probably not going to be warm enough in May, and the tour specifically stipulates a sleeping bag.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a department store or appropriate outlet in Oslo where I could pick one up before the tour starts?




Hi jess,

When I arrived in Oslo for that tour I didn’t see anywhere that sold sleeping bags. Also keep in mind that Norway is very expensive. If you manage to find one it will be more expensive than buying it at home (most likely). You can try walking along johans gate, they had a few shops that sold travelling bags, or the shopping centre. But I recommend buying the mini/compact sleeping bags that literally almost fit in the palm of your hand. It will become quite handy in the future :slight_smile: plus they don’t take up much room at all and are easy to pack/unpack



Thanks, Julianne - I was leaning towards the compact sleeping bag anyway, because I had considered that it is pricey in Norway! Also I don’t think I want to be bothering with having to find something when I get there :slight_smile:



A sleeping bag i would recommend is the Roman Passport visa, rated -5 degrees and for a bag of that temperature rating it is quite compact, i took it with me last time i was in europe and just attached it to the bottom of my pack, and ill be bringing it back with me when i go again


Thanks, Beer Himself! (Cool user name, too!)

I have now got myself a compact sleeping bag that is relatively inexpensive, so all good! :slight_smile: