Sleeping Bags for European Tours in May


Hi all,

I’ve searched the forums for this question, and haven’t really found a satisfying answer.

What sort of sleeping bag will I need to bring for a European tour in May (Roman Chariot May 11)?

I’ve heard the following recommendations:

  1. bed sheets
  2. fleece sleeping bag
  3. real sleeping bag, rated at 55 F (12 C)

Parts of the tour include “camping”, but I haven’t been able to determine how exposed we’ll be to the elements. Sleeping bags take up a lot of space – so I’d like to minimize the bulk of the bag I take.

Any thoughts on what’s appropriate? Were the bags useful in hostels even when not camping?



last may i went over and it was so much colder than i was expecting even when we were in hostels some nites i was cold, i had a sleeping slip that i slept in most nites, many places will provide some linen tho. some times on this tour you will be staying in bungalows so you are not going to be too exposed, i ould say just take a sleeping slip and a warm tracksuit that you can sleep in to save space :slight_smile:


I’m also going in may and I’ve seen lots of people on this forum recommend the Roman Palm sleeping bag because of its size and weight. But I haven’t been able to find one in the US. Does anyone have a recommendation for a similar small, lightweight, sleeping bag that can be found in the US? Thanks!


See if you can find an REI store somewhere near you. I bought a sleeping bag that packs down to the size of football (american football, not a proper football ;D ). Its light and is convenient. I think it was about $40. They also had one that was slightly more expensive (60ish) and it got a tiny bit smaller because it was down feather.