Sleeping Bags for EuroClub trip?


I’m going on the European Pathway Tour in May, and I was just reading through the Predeparture information that had been posted for the EuroClub trips when I noticed that the document now says that bedding is provided for most EuroClub trips (unless your doing the Flotilla sailing in the Greek Islands). Before a sleeping bag had been a requirement for the EuroClub trips so I just wanted to confirm that we no longer need to bring a sleeping bag? I’d hate to find out on my first night that I did in fact need one but didn’t bring one!



Id love to know this too…

We are booked in from the Great Eastern 17 July… and I originally read that we needed a sleeping bag, so i went out and bought one, but I went through the travel doc’s the other day and noticed that it said that we might not need one.


Me too! I have bought one, but we don’t need one anymore? or not? I’m going on the 8th of June Eastern Spirit. It’s confusing. But the info still suggests to bring those sleeping bag sheets- that slot into sleeping bags. If its hot you could just sleep in those I guess. Whats the answer??? :smiley:


Yeah I’d like to know this too - would love to hear from someone from Topdeck!!! ??? ???

I’m booked into European Getaway, and the pre-departure information used to say that we needed a sleeping bag, so I went out and bought a small lightweight one. But now since the info has changed, I’m wondering if I should leave it at home? It’s a shame that I spent the money on it, but if I don’t need it, I’m not bringing it. I want to pack as lightly as I can!!


I would really like to know the answer too!! Doing Euro Pioneer and so brought a sleeping bag, and then I read on that we don’t need one. Very confusing and annoying to spend money on something i don’t need. Would be good to know if i dont need it so I dont need to lug it around Europe for no reason.



I went on the European Wonder last year and I took my sleeping bag with me. Although bedding was provide in all but one place, I found that it was useful as a doona or pillow on the bus and at night.

Hope this helps…


I just got back from a euro club, i was the only person who bothered to bring sleeping bag and it never got used. It was really just a pain to drag around and eventually I found a spot in the luggage area of the bus to just leave it. I know you do not need one for Paris, Lauterbrunnen, Florence, Rome, Venice, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin or Amsterdam.