Sleeping Bags - Europe Ungplugged May 07


I have booked to do Europe Unplugged beginning 6 May '07. I’m trying to decide what sleeping bag to get - synthetic vs. down, warmth rating… Does anyone have any suggestions? Or know what sort of night-time temperatures you can expect in Europe in May?


Hi jojoanna,[br][br]I did the may tour this year.[br][br]I suggest that you take the warmest sleeping bag you can get.[br][br]A lot of the girls took sleeping bags to like 0 degrees C and a few nights they were putting on clothes to keep warm[br][br]I took a sleeping bag that went to minus 16 degrees C and I needed to have the sleeping bag half un-zipped as I was pretty hot and that was every night[br][br]I hope this helps you out a lot[br][br]Shmu8-)


Hi[br][br]Thanks for the feedback - I have decided to spend a bit more money and buy a decent down bag :slight_smile: I think its worth the money for the extra warmth and light weight (I have to lug it around Thailand first before I get to Europe)[br][br]Really looking forward to my trip, still ages away, but I am already doing the big countdown! And trying to save - how much money would you recommend taking for spending money?[br][br]Jo.[br]


If you like to buy things take about 200 Euro per day if you like to be comphy take about 100 Euro per day[br][br]note that on some days you will spend more and other days less so it does ballance out[br][br]the above is only a guide so you can take things from there8-)