Sleeping Bag-Winter Spirit 3rd Feb 2011


Hi There,

A friend and I will be on this tour and I was looking at the FAQ and it states for Euro Club that we need to take sleeping bags, but then looking at the Pre-Departure info it doesn’t say anything about a sleeping bag?!

So… Do we need to take one??

Cheers :slight_smile:


I havent been on that particular tour but I have read a few comments prior to now about sleeping bags…I would definitly take one…It will still be winter over there N is quite cold!! I am taking a sleeping bag, N my tour is in spring… :slight_smile: safe travels


Awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Hi Keiran,
most hostels on any europe club trips only provide basic bedding so you will more likely need a sleeping bag as they might not provide blanket. You’re also suggested to buy a pillow from woolies in London and bring pillow case. I’m a but fuss with pillow so i’m definitely bringing one :stuck_out_tongue:
hope this helps


Hey Sabrina,

That does help!! Thanks heaps :slight_smile: