Sleeping bag warmth?


[br]Does anyone have advice on what warmth your sleeping bag should be if you are doing the Athens to London Camping tour starting 10th of July?? [br][br]Mine is rated at zero degrees, do you think this will be too warm?? [br]Bonus if I pick up a warmer bag say 5 degree rating I’ll be able to save room & weight in my pack… [br][br]do i risk being cold??[br][br]help?


You will roast in a zero degree bag![br]I was on tour in May and Rome/Athens was SO hot![br]I would get the 5 degree rating, you want as much room in your bag as possible![br][br]Chrisitne[br]European Getaway May 2009


Thank you for that!![br]Off to the sleeping bag store i go![br]


hey guys, [br]im having he same problem. I’m doing Summer fun and Sailing in august but then im kicking on for another 2 or so months how cold does it get over ther at that time of the year? it will be end of summer and autumn will a light sleeping bag be warm enough for after tour?


I think so…i’ve got a sleeping bag sheet thing too which should help if it gets a bit colder. I’m planning to just layer clothes if it starts to get chilly…[br]