Sleeping bag vs. silk liner


Hey, this might be a question for a Top Deck staff member, but maybe others will know too. I?m going to be travelling through Europe from mid June until early September next year, and my parents have asked me what travel stuff they can buy me for Christmas. I?m going to be doing a couple of Top Deck tours (where it says I?ll need a sleeping bag) and a couple of Busabout adventures (where it says I won?t, and says a lot of hostels don?t even like you bringing sleeping bags in). The Busabout forum says you just need a silk sleeping bag liner, and then wherever you go there will be extra blankets if you need them. So if I get a silk liner, will this be ok for my Top Deck tours, or do I need to ask Santa for a proper sleeping bag aswell? :slight_smile:


Hey Nixi,[br]If you are joining one of our Euroclub or Eurocamping Trips you will need to bring along a sleeping bag. However if it’s a Eurohotel Trip you will not need one. [br]Hope that helps, if you have any further queries just give us a yell.[br]Thanks, (Topdeck Res Team)