Sleeping Bag Thing


So, reading the fine print I’m realizing that I need to bring a sleeping bag for my tour (Northern Exposure). However, the trip is 22 days and I’m going to be in Europe for over four months. At no other point am I going to need a sleeping bag.[br][br]Anyone have any ideas for getting around this? Any cheap places in Berlin to pick up a sleeping bag? Maybe I could suffice with a blanket? I’m from Canada, and a cold part of Canada, so I’m not too worried about the night time temperatures even in the most Northern stretches of the trip, considering it’ll be July/August.[br][br]Help??


what about taking a lite sleeping bag with a few emergency blankets (the silver ones) dont know if that would work though.


Still means I’ll have to buy it over there or drag it around Europe for four months for no other need. Although I actually do need one for Glastonbury now, so I guess I’ll take one with me. Blah. More stuff to buy. At least I can toss it after my Topdeck tour and have a whole bunch of extra weight room for shopping!


I’ve just gotten back from a Spirit of Europe tour, and I took my sleeping bag with me, i used it twice and and i also used it when i was cold and sleeping on the bus :slight_smile: but i sent it home at the end of my tour as i wasnt going to need it for the next month.[br][br]Amsterdam is really cheap to send things home from :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


ive bought a compression sleeping bag, it stuffes down really small smaller then ur average towel.


i also had one of thos - it worked really well :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


How much does a compression sleeping bag usually cost? [br][br]Thanks![br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


gday, yeh i did the redstar in July. [br] i just took a silk sleeping bag liner(about 12cmlong by 7cm diam). few of us had too buy pillows since there weren’t any at two places. had to use a jumper. pillow was more useful probably then the sleeping bag in the end. some of the pillows certainly weren’t very good. . we just bought cheap ones over there. [br]if you think you haveto take one, yeh i would go with the really small compression sleeping bags.[br] the sleeping bag can be such a waste of time at certain times of year. i went on a contiki once, bought a sleeping bag in london and never even got close to using it!!! admittely if you like to be warm, it did get coolish a couple of times but bearable.[br][br]anyway happy holidaying people


Wintergirl, I was looking here in Canada and I found some for about $30 to $40 that were good to 5 degrees. Not too expensive, but a pain to haul around![br][br]dmcozz, I’m probably going to be in Scandi mid to end of June… do you think I’ll need it? Where I’m from, shorts and skirt weather is anything above 10 degrees. I’m having trouble seeing the normal temperatures for the more remote areas of Norway/Finland.[br][br]How much did the sleeping bag liner run you?[br][br]Thanks. :slight_smile:


gday, yeh you can cheaper sleeping bag liners but take up slightly more room. still not much in the context of things. the silk one cost $45aus. The coldest it got up north when i went was probably about 8C. I only wore jeans went we went up to Nordkapp at midnight. otherwise shorts the rest of the time. being summer and no darkness it never really got cold at all. We had 50mm of rain in oslo but it wasn’t cold though. If i did that trip again at same time of year i would still stick with the liner. They’ve got heating in a lot of the places if you need it. If you like a half decent pillow to sleep on, it could be better just buying a cheap one for the trip. Be better than a sleeping bag. Any other ?'s just yell. hopefully someone else might like to share any of their opinions also.[br][br]cheers


you buy almost anything you want in berlin and most of the people there speak some english and there real nice too more than willing to help!![br][br]Winter European Wonder 2008 3ed dec :slight_smile:


dmcozz: Thanks. I might go take a look at my local outdoor gear shop. I don’t really have any other specific questions… but how did you enjoy the Scandi portion of your trip? I’m taking a huge hunk of time in my travel plans to do this trip and a bit of independent time in Tallinn/Helsinki/Stockholm, and I just want to make sure it’s worth cutting time shorter or out all together from the rest of Europe![br][br]Richy: Thanks. Do you think it would be a lot more expensive to buy in Berlin vs. back home? Or approximately the same? I guess either way I might still get it in Berlin to avoid the extra weight/space. Do you know of any stores that would be good to check out while there/easy to find? I know they have that huge mall there… so would that be a safe bet?


gday, well if you love scenery you will love norway. Everybody enjoyed norway a lot. Things get most expensive in norway not that you are going out anywhere at night time. just buy alcohol(spirits) if you need in germany or denmark. If you can, riding the bikes in a lot of places can be a good idea. you get to see a bit more of the cities. Beats the heck out of walking sometimes. Glad you are seeing a bit more of helsinki etc. Didn’t get to spend quite enough time in couple of these places. Finland and Tallin is where we had the most fun going out at night time. 7hrs sleep in 3 days!!! lol Oh yeh, on the way up the norway coast, to keep the evenings entertaining we played viking olympics. Well worth it i would say. let you find out the enjoyment next year. have fun[br]cheers 8-)[br]


Hah hmmm. Viking Olympics eh. I guess I’ll find out next summer.[br][br][br]Speaking of money, how much did you usually spend per day on the Denmark to Tallinn portion? I know Scandinavia is very expensive, but I was hoping the more remote regions would be a little cheaper? [br][br]Thanks!


costs dk to estonia. [br]main factor is how much you like going out at night in the cities. Probably will be your bigger expenses. If you don’t go out it can save a few dollars but some of us declined. Catching taxis can be expensive in the scandinavian cities if you stay out late enough. if you know somebody in stockholm it could be handy for going out. We wanted to get into the really good night clubs but really you have to know a local unless you are luckier than what we were. We walked around for 2hrs trying to get into the good places, to no avail!!! [br]Your daily expenses up the cost of norway aren’t too bad. Its mainly what ever snacks you want and on how much you like drinking. If you like spirits buy a bottle or 2:) in dk or germany would be best. Top deck provide beers once you get up the coast of norway at a lot cheaper price than the local stuff. Otherwise its the normal souvenirs which do vary in price a fair bit plus the optionals.[br] The cities is by far where the variaion in money spent comes in though. Going out really, transport, door charges and drinking are the higher costs… Say like in stockholm, avoid a taxi fare by youself, it was $85aus so one guy found out. [br]But on overall cost per day, geez hard one!! guessing generally around the $30 on average. Then add souvenirs after that and whatever night time expenses you have in the cities. From Dk to Tallin we went out 7 times and some people only went out twice. Could say heaps more but each trip is different depending on the people. by the way,i averaged about 35euro a day for the whole trip and i’m not a big drinker but did go out each time[br]hope this may help a bit;D[br]cheers


Thanks, you’ve been a huge help! I’m getting so excited haha. I was a little worried about spending so long essentially in the middle of nowhere, with scenery that’s vaguely similar to Canada, but I think I’m gonna go for it. :D[br][br]I might know someone in Stockholm. She lives in Helsinki but her family is in Stockholm and she wants to work their next summer. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.[br][br]I’m not a huge drinker either, so hopefully that’ll keep my costs down. I like to go out, but not to get wasted. Just enough to have more fun haha. I’m going to be in Europe for four months, so my souvenir capacity is pretty much none haha. [br][br]Anyways, thanks again. Much appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions! :smiley: