Sleeping Bag Recommendations



I’m doing a Euroclub tour this summer (Eastern Explore June 7) and we have to bring sleeping bags. Any recommendations for brands? I have looked into Roman Palm Bags. Any other ideas or reviews of this brand/line?



Hey Mychal,
I just bought my sleeping bag today.
I chose the Roman ExtremeLite compact sleeping bag. The shop assistant said Roman was definitely the best brand of compact bag. I was going to go for the Palm line, but the only difference between that and this 1, is the palm is a slightly thinner material, it’s still just as compact. because it is so compact though, it is a little difficult getting it back in the bag. The shop assistant recomended a 5¤ temp rating because 0 or lower would be to hot and


10 or over wouldn’t be warm enough


I bough Coleman, with the cotton fabric that you can wash seperately. Check double zip that you can join 2 bags together. ;D


I’ve got a couple of Snugpak sleeping bags, think they’re great! Check them out at:
If you click on a bag you’ll get more details such as what the comfort temperature is for each bag, size, compression size etc.


Thanks Gary! I love the look of these snugpaks!!


I’m going on the Grand European 10th May - 6th June, do you think a sleeping bag will be necessary or just a sleeping bag liner/sleeping sheet?


I actually got my travel agent to call topdeck and i’m doing road to athens and island hopper july 26th - august 27th and was told i DO NOT need to bring a sleeping bag. = more space for shopping :slight_smile:


im just going to get a sleeping sheet! ive heard from friends that have previosuly done it they didnt use their sleeping bags at all!


great thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: