Sleeping Bag or Sheet for Flotilla Sailing Greece


Hey Guys,

I am doing the Summer Fun & Sailing tour which includes flotilla sailing in Greece in early July. I was ordering at that time of year will a sleeping sheet keep me warm enough? A sleeping bag would take up a lot of room in my pack and I would prefer not to take it away for 3 months if I am only going to use it for 3 nights.

Has anyone done this trip - did you take/use a sleeping bag or sleeping sheet?




Hi Claire, we regularly sail in Greece in early Jul (with friends at

Believe me, you will NOT want a sleeping bag, thin or otherwise. We usually sleep with nothing but a sheet and often not even that. If you really really want to take something with you, then a sleeping bag liner (only) should be more than enough.

Any self-respecting flotilla operator should supply you sheets, pillows, pillow cases and some thin blankets, although it’s very unlikely you’ll be wanting the blankets. Instead you need to be wondering about wind scoops - ask the operator whether they provide them. If you can arrange these above a hatch they direct air down into the boat and help keep you cool.

I usually sail with just my wife so we take the forepeak with a hatch right above us. We also usually anchor off which is quieter and allows the boat to swing with the wind. The significance of that is the wind scoop points into the wind increasing the air flow.

Not sure quite what a wind scoop is? Then have a look here: :slight_smile:

Enjoy your trip to Greece :slight_smile:


Hi there

first time that ill be sailing on a yacht for the mega European 31 July. Just wondering if the yacht docks over night? and are there any bathroom facilities?



I’m also doing the sailing and debating the same thing. I guess if needed maybe a jumper and pants might be an option over a sleeping bag if it is really needed. Mary… I’m also doing the Mega Europe tour on the 31st July. There is a FB page called Mega Europen tour 31st July. :slight_smile: