Sleeping bag or blanket?


hi there,

just wondering what the weather is like at night time throughout Europe. I’m going on the Gap European escapade and was wondering whether ill need a sleeping bag all the time or whether i should just take an airplane blanket with a sleeping bag liner that i have???



i’d take a thin sleeping bag…your airaplane blanket sounds ok just personaly i would rather not sleep directly on the sheets in the hostels n hotels etc lol


Hey, I’m doing a tour soon and it’ll be the height of summer. I’m taking a two season sleeping bag, and a cotton sleeping bag liner. I’m thinking (depending on the aircon situation) that I’ll just kip in the later and throw the sleeping bag over me if I get chilly.


What’s aircon?

I kid, but seriously it doesn’t exist. If you’re in actual hostels you’ll be plenty warm at night. Some hostels are actually campground bungalows which can get chilly so you’ll want something decently warm (I brought a tiny sleeping bag which i fit in my backpack and it worked out for camping).


I would take a warm sleeping bag no matter what…some places can be cold at night even if it is hot during the day. my sleeping bag was thin and I definitely regretted not getting a warmer one as I spent some nights shivering. it is a good idea to take a liner too for the warm nights and just sleep in that


Did not take a sleeping bag at all, took a sleeping bag liner which was fine, alot of the places we stayed at had air con which we left on all night and I still didnt need the sheet


Taking a sleeping bag was the worst decision i made in regards to packing. Would be a different story in winter but otherwise dont bother!


Sleeping bags are included.