Sleeping Bag/Luggage


My sleeping bag comes in a carrier bag, making it look like I have 2 pieces of luggage… Does anyone know if this will be a problem? Does the sleeping bag count as part of our luggage or can we bring it as a separate itme?[br]Thanks!


Sorry to say its part of your luggage


On the plane that is on the bus I’m not sure


Well i meant on the bus, i’m already here and trying to figure out he my sleeping bag will work :slight_smile:


hi haylez,[br][br]umm, going by the topdeck book it says you are allowed 1 standard size bag plus a day pack and sleeping bag if on Euroclub or eurocamping. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 20kgs. This is also what contiki also say, they don’t count your sleeping bag either. your only problem is that it is harder to carry. [br] bit of a bugger, like tony said, they count it as part of your luggage. not that will be your problem by the sounds of it.[br][br]Dale[br]redstarspecial 29thjune