Sleeping bag liner and sleeping bag


I have read in the 2007 topdeck brochure that I need to bring a sleeping bag on the Grand European tour. I have also heard from friends that have travelled to Europe that some hostels do not let you use a sleeping bag and only use a liner.[br][br]Would it be a good idea to bring a sleeping bag liner along with my sleeping bag?


Are you going on the winter gateway 2 Feb? My name is Claire and i am from Australia. I have heard the same stories as you. I am bringing a sleeping bag to use on the bus.[br][br]CDunstan


G’day Kat22 and Claire,[br][br]I asked this question in my thread (Spirit of Europe 5 Jun). The quick answer from Topdeck reservations was that you could bring a liner if you wanted to, but it isn’t compulsory for any of the places they take us to.[br][br]If however you are going to tour on (Non Topdeck stuff) and stay at some of the hostels in Europe, some of these indicate that a Sleeping bag liner is compulsory as well as a sleeping bag.[br][br]I hope this helps,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile:


Thanks Steve that does seem to help.[br][br]I think I will just bring a sleeping bag and I can always purchase a sleeping bag liner in london.[br][br]From kat22


hi CDustan[br][br]What tour are you going on?[br][br]I am going on the Grand European tour leaving London on 8 May 2007.[br][br]From kat22