Sleeping bag in the middle of summer?


Hi, [br][br]I will be travelling on the European Wonder on 30 July 08. The trip starts in the middle of summer and I really dont want to be taking a sleeping bag as that will only be an extra thing to carry. Can someone please tell me if that is really necessary? Can we just take…say…a bed sheet to cover us at night. Do they really not provide bed sheets/quilts on the trip? Would really appreciate help from someone who has travelled on a similar trip at a similar time or is planning on going on one. [br][br]Ta.[br][br]


Hi Eks1984,[br][br]I’m taking a sleeping bag on my euroclub trip as well as a sleeping bag liner. As we don’t really know where we’ll be staying it’s best to be prepared. We’ll be going to hostels as well, and some places require you to have your own bedding.[br]I’m taking the Roman Palm 1 sleeping bag. It literally fit in the palm of your hand (duh!) and weighs only 0.5kg. It’s thinner material, but will keep you cosy to about 10 degrees C, just right for summer traveling. The liner is for higenic reasons (it’s just basically a tube sheet) and for a little extra warmth.[br]I would suggest to take a sleeping bag if you itinery specifically says so! :slight_smile: But if you think you can get away with a sheet, go right ahead! :)[br][br]Cheers![br] [br] [br][br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


hi ya,[br][br]i’ve asked as similar question also. i went on a contiki tour fairly similar to what you are doing. They said you needed a sleeping bag so i bought one of theirs, definitely wasn’t a small one so wasn’t really that easy to carry. Didn’t use it once for the whole trip. Could of used a liner and even then i wouldn’t of used it because where we stayed all supplied linen not that it will be the case for all tours though(guessing).[br] But i think if you do want to get a sleeping bag i would go with what liz said, just a small one just in case. I’m just taking a silk sleeping bag liner and i’m going on the red special on 30th june. zo crossing my fingers it won’t get too cold :)[br][br]anyway happy travels[br][br]Dale[br]red star 3oth june


Hi Guys, [br]Thanks for the response, and yeh…the palm size sleeping bag sounds good…but maan…thats an additional $80.00…and it is very unlikley that I will use it ever again. I already have 2 types of sleeping bags, but their full sizes and then to go out and spend an aditional amount on something I may only use once or twice. I might just do what your doing Dale just take a sleeping bag liner and wish for the best…haha. [br][br]Eks


I got my Palm one for $60 online[br][br][br]But I’ll probably use mine again as I do a lot of camping anyways! :)[br][br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!