Sleeping bag hire


I’ve just read for the first time that the euroclub tours require you to bring a sleeping bag. We leave in a few weeks so I got a bit panicky.[br]We’re travelling for 3 months during which we don’t require a sleeping bag except for the 12 days on our Topdeck ‘European Trebadour’ tour in July/August.[br]Does anyone know if you can hire sleeping bags[br]Thanks[br]Deb


yeah I was wondering about sleeping bags as well. It said they are needed for the beginning and end of each season. But we are kind of entering the summer months now. And they let you bring one suitcase and one carry on bag, and doesn’t mention a sleeping bag…which means it would have to be small, but still take up alot of room in the luggage.[br]Does anyone know if just sheets and a blanket will do, I always just use my sleeping bag as a blanket anyways, and think it would be a hassle to take.[br][br]I’m booked for the Grand European leaving May 22. Let me know if you are going too!


I recently went to my camping store and bought a small light weight sleeping bag. Only about 500 grams and packs down to be much smaller than a 6 pack of beer. though if lying flat in your suitcase it is not to big at all. [br][br]My advice is to shop around. Many places wanted $150 or more for the bag. I only paid $45


I just called the Topdeck tour office in the U.S and asked if I could just bring a sleep sheet because I’d only be using the sleeping bag for 2 days in the cabins. She said it was fine although it might be a little chilly in late May. She also said to bring a jumper but what is that? lol.;D[br][br]


Jumper = Pullover, sweat top, Jersey, gernsey, tracksuit top


oh…hahahaha. thanks.


Well I’ve returned from my Topdeck trip.[br]Thank God I didn’t take my sleeping bag.[br]Despite being told by Topdeck that I had to take one in the middle of Summer, I did not take one nor did I need it. Most people on the trip had a sleeping bag but no one used one and many complained about having to hawl it around everywhere.[br]My advice is that if you are travelling in Summer you won’t need one. The rooms all have sheets and most have blankets.


What about the camping tours? You would definately need a sleeping bag 4 that?? I’m going in May…???