Sleeping Bag? for Russia Scandi


hi[br]I am getting conflicting advice on whether I need to bring a sleeping bag for the Russia/Scandi (22 day) tour. The FAQ section of the site says i do and my travel agent told me I don’t. Does anyone else have any advice.[br][br]Also I will be going on the 16 July tour, is Russia very cold during summer? [br][br]Thanks!:)[br]


Hey kelstar[br][br]Yep - checked the brochure and YES - you will need to take a sleeping bag[br][br]Being in Scandi Land it might be a little bit cooler in the evening depending on when you go. I wouldn’t take anything too light but nothing too serious either - haha


i did scandinavia in april time. you will definately need a sleeping bag as it can get quite chilly up there compared with southern europe[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last