Sleeping bag dilemma


Hey i’m doing the mega euro and need to have a sleeping bag for the 3 days sailing. Can i buy a sleeping bag in europe just prior to the sailing or do i need to have one on me for the whole trip? Just thought it might be cumbersome having the sleeping bag for the 20 days before the sailing if it won’t be used


I didn’t want to carry the sleeping bag over on the plane either.

I don’t know about buying one in Europe but I bought one in London before I left for the tour for 10 pounds from a store called Argos. Awesome shop - you order from a catalogue, pay and then pick up your goods from the store counter in 3-5mins time :slight_smile: Look it up online if u like!

Most of the time you can leave your sleeping bag under the bus but it’ll depend on how strict your driver is. Sometimes they prefer to have everything taken off - including the things you don’t need that night so it could get annoying if thats the case…but I’d say your chances are more in favour of them allowing you to leave it on there.

Up to you! I’m sure there’s places you could buy one but that just means you’ll have to find a place to buy one from and that means less time to appreciate the finer things Europe has to offer! B-)

Hope that helps!