Sleeping Bag Advice?


Hi all, I need some advice on sleeping bags… I’m doing Greek Island Hopper on 28/7, (Hotels all the way) then up to London to do the Euroclub European Getaway on 2/8 (sleeping bag required). Would it be best to buy one in London, or to bring one with me from Aus?? Didn’t want to cart it around through… Would it be easy to get one in London, obviously not too expensive?? Need help… Michelle Also, is there a good style that is best suited for this trip??


Hello Michelle,[br][br]There are plenty of places to get a sleeping bag in London, one shop that sells cheapish ones is where you order it on the internet and then pick-it up from the shop - and there’s loads about![br][br]Otherwise you could try Blacks for camping stuff - and click on ‘store finder’.[br][br]Greece will be SOOO hot when you are there, so I would advise you get a light weight one.[br][br]Natalie


Hey girls. Are either of you bringing a pillow on your trip? I wasn’t sure if the hostels provide pillows or if I should try and stuff one in my sleeping bag. Any advice?


I am taking a pillow. Well more of a cushion thing anyway. a few reasons really[br]1) you can use it on the bus[br]2)just incase the hostel pillows look a bit dodgy[br][br]you can throw it out at the end if you need to.


Thank you so much for your advice. I bought a sleeping bag today in Aus. and also a travel towel that folds up to nothing… The bag was alot cheaper to buy here. I’ll probably leave it in London before heading to USA. I looked into the pillow thing… I got one of those travel pillows which I’ll be taking, + a pillow case. (Just to put on the dodgy pillows)… 2 days till I fly out to Athens… Can’t wait!!!;D