Sleeping arrangements on a yacht


I’ve been looking for information on the yachts the Greece sailing from Athens to Aegina and back to Athens is using. I found a youtube video that has me super excited about going, but still didn’t show the boat layout.

What does the cabin look like? Is there 8 bunks in the one cabin, or more cabins on the yacht. Does anyone know?


Hey Natalie
I am also looking to do this. I want to do the Greece and Croatia sail. I have heard though that the best company to go with for it is Sail Croatia, apparently they are amazing! :smile:


I’m on Ibiza sailing July, I think they uses the same style of yacht, 50 foot sailing,
Looking at specs for most 50 foot yachts, they often have 2 double bed cabins in the back of the boat, seating and kitchen in the middle, and 2x 2 bed bunk cabins in the front, and a small cabin in very front (properly for the skipper), so max 8 guests plus a skipper.


Thank you that gives me a perfect mental picture.