Hi All[br]Does anybody know how available skype is in the internet cafes or hostels. I would like to use this as my main form of contact for back home (apart from facebook).[br][br]What are your thoughts?[br][br]Thanks[br]Carly


Hi Carly, I’m going the same thing! I’ve never used it before but a friend was telling me about it and it sounds great!! You can call from skype to skype for free, message and call a mobile for the cost of a local text/call, and organise to have top-ups when your credit reaches a certain amount (so the call doesn’t cut out halfway through). Apparently it’s really easy and available in most internet cafes.


Hey, [br][br]I think skype is quite available in internet cafes. But another alternative which i have, is an ipod touch. Theirs a skype application that you can get onto if u are anywhere in a wireless connection (most hostels have wireless). If you have skype you can call other people with skype for free, but the best thing is 2 load like 10 dollars onto your skype account so you can phone landlines and mobiles. Its really cheap. Much cheaper than using a mobile or phone card. Also, if you have an ipod touch you need the headphons with the microphone, but if you got an iphone, you can just talk normally as if you are on the phone. [br][br]Hope this helps. What tour are you guys on? Im doing athens to london on 8th June


Thanks for the help guys[br][br]I swear by my ipod but didn’t even think to use it as a phone for skype!![br][br]Im doing the second half of the spirit of Europe (from rome to london) leaving on the 17th June. Im so exited cant wait.[br][br]Cheers [br]Carly


Skye on my ipod Touch… what a great idea! Thanks guys ;D[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands