Hi there![br][br]I was just wondering for anyone who has done the skydiving optional in Austria, how much extra it is for video and/or photos of your jump? I’ve looked at some other sites, and they seem expensive, so I was wondering if it was worth it for the footage. Also, just how scary is it? :slight_smile:


Do it! You won’t regret it.[br][br]I didn’t do the skydiving myself in Austria but in Switzerland and that came to ?300 with photos & DVD. But I know for a fact Austria is cheaper by about 60 Euro (I think) just for the jump? [br][br]So that drives the price down straight away, I also imagine the DVD etc would be cheaper too but can’t say for certain sorry![br][br]The dive itself? I’m petrified of heights so I was cacking myself going up. But about 5 seconds into the dive I started to absolutely love it!


Wow! That’s about NZ$900 for a skydive, photos and DVD! Seems kinda expensive. I’d love to do it - but I don’t think I’d be keen to pay that much![br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Thanks Roaming Owl!! [br][br]I needed to hear from someone who actually did it that it was good!