SKYDIVING Swiss vs. Austria


So I was looking over the optional excursions on a previous post, and I noticed skydiving in both Switzerland and Austria.

What is the difference between the two besides the cost - For us the its MUCH cheaper to go skydiving in Austria by $200 CAN.
I would hope both are equally safe! Ha!

Any feedback from anyone who did either would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Hey,
In Swizterland you jump out of a Helicopter against one of the most spectacular mountain backdrops I have ever seen- although I’m Australian so snowcapped mountains in May is something I had never seen before. There is nowhere for a plane to take off let alone land, and the thought of hurtling toward these peaks just increases the adrenaline rush, they can only take 2 divers at a time. In Austria, you go up in a plane, the scenery is still spectacular but feels alot more open (I went Paragliding in Austria and watched the Skydiving in Swizterland) thats the other plus I guess; in Switzerland you take off/jump/land close to the campsite so everyone can watch, Austria you are a bit further out.
Sure its more expensive but if I ever went back I would definetly choose Switzerland.
Happy Travels


Hi guys,

I’ve done both. the main difference is, as Christine said, in Switzerland you jump out of a helicopter. So the price includes a pre-jump helicopter tour of the beautiful Lauterbrunnen valley as well as the jump itself. In Austria the jump is from a small plane instead. Both are awesome, though if I were to be honest I found the Swiss jump a little more exciting. I’ve jumped all over the world (including Australia and Namibia) but my Swiss jump still sticks with me the most!

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I am wanting to do skydiving in either austria or switzerland on the european getaway tour and was wondering if it is there is time to do skydiving in switzerland as well as the trip up the jungfrau mountain? and is there a difference in terms of how high/free fall time between the two options?



I was wondering the same thing. I guess if they say that you wont have time I might just organise them myself and go up to Jungfrau early in the morning and then do the skydiving in the afternoon, I really want to do both


I did both jumps last year and if I was to pick one again I would certainly pick the Switzerland Helicopter jump over the Austrian one. Only a couple of ppl did it on my tour in Switzerland and everyone who didn’t regretted it once our dvd’s came back that night. They then decided then to do it in Austria and it just couldn’t live up to the helicopter jump in Switzerland.

The dvd you get in switzerland is also much more professional then the one you get in Austria and well worth the price.

I’ve also jumped in Oz and USA which were all comparable to Austria but the one in switzerland is in a league of its own.


Are there height/weight restrictions on these jumps?

As a large tall person, tandem jumps are sometimes not possible. I just want to know if I should plan accordingly.


I have never been skydiving before and also trying to decide which one to do? So are both tandem? Also, is the price of the dvd included in the optionals price?



Im a first timer interested in doing skydiving. It seems that the swiss jump is better than the one in austria.
However, im tight on budget, will the austria jump be as exciting? since i cant tell the difference as i have never tried it before. What are the price of videos and photos of the jump at austria? is it worth getting them?

Will there be safety issues regarding the jumps? My parents are worried about it.

Thanks for answering! =)



Hi Guys

The cost of skydiving does not includes photos etc. The extra cost are as follows:

Video 130 CHF
Photo 90 CHF
Both 170 CHF

From reports it is well worth it!

Happy travels!


From what I’ve heard/experienced:

Switzerland is a much better skydive. If you do it, get the DVD because it’s awesome. I never saw pictures but I’m guessing they aren’t as cool as the DVD.

And they do have specific requirements for when you arrive. Certain bodytypes can’t jump for safety reasons and they only go out if the weather permits. And the guys are total pros because if memory serves they were both in the Swiss armed forces and have hundreds and thousands of successful jumps.

Hope that helps


Hi Matthew :slight_smile:

Do you remember what they mean by certain bodytypes? I knew there is a weight restriction but is there something else more specific?

Thanks for your help!


The general weight restriction is the most important. They just look at bodytypes in the sense that you can’t be just under the max weight and only 4 feet tall. If you’re under the limit and even mildly proportional you should be good to go. You really won’t know till you get there because they have to see if you will fit in a harness.


Thanks guys, all very valuable information!! IÂ’m also planning to do the Swiss jump and with what you just said I canÂ’t wait!!


hi topdeck,
i am going on the winter wonder tour 28th nov 2010 and am wondering if skydiving is open in the winter season?


Hey there

It is available in Switzerland but not in Austria during the winter season!



thanks heaps!! ;D


This may or may not be a stupid question. I’m going on the European Odyssey tour which is EuroHotel, and really want to do the skydiving in Switzerland. However, it’s not listed on the optional activities for my tour, but it is listed for many EuroClub tours. Is skydiving in Switzerland not available for EuroHotel tours? Is our accommodation too far away or something?
Any help on this would be very much appreciated!


Hi Brianna

On EuroHotel trips you go to Mt Rigi whilst the EuroClub trips go to Lauterbrunnen! Not to worry though, as you will have the opportunity to skydive in Austria!


Thanks for clearing that up, Admin!