Skydiving over the Swiss Alps!


I did the European Getaway (23rd Sept-12th Oct 2017).
While away, I skydived over the Swiss Alps. It was the highlight of my trip, and definitely the scariest, bravest, most amazing thing I’ve ever done. My video is below!! :smiley:


Omg that looks like so much fun! Did they give you the video or did you have to purchase it?


OMG this looks incredible!!! I am so afraid of heights but after seeing yours I’m at least thinking about it :-/

Well done!


I am jealous! I’m doing the Western Inspiration from July 27-August 3rd next year and I reaaaaally want to bite the bullet and give this a go! I’m terrified of heights but it feels like a once in a lifetime chance I won’t get again.


It was amazing! You purchase it :slight_smile:


Would totally recommend it!


You should definitely do it! We had two people petrified of heights do it and they said they are so glad that they did!


Hey! Good for you!
What was the cost to do the jump and get the video?! I’m going there in April :slight_smile:


Hey Hollie, awesome video! I’m doing the European Getaway in early September. Just wondering what the weather was like for you??


Thanks girl! I think it was about €120. I can’t remember though, sorry!


Hey Georgia! You’re going to have the time of your life :heart_eyes:
The weather was amazing!
Paris was hot - shorts weather!
Switzerland was cold - definitely pack a jacket.
Nice was also shorts weather. Absolutely beautiful!
Florence, Rome and Venice was shorts weather too!
Austria was jeans weather - coolish.
Prague - definitely jacket and jeans weather!
Berlin was t-shirt and jeans weather.
Amsterdam was cold - jeans and a jacket for sure!

I think that’s all the places, let me know if you’ve got any other questions :slight_smile:


ahh you’re a legend! thankyou so much :slight_smile:


Its amazing i dying to do. Hope to visit next year