Skydiving in Switzerland


I was told that the optional activities need to be paid in cash so does this apply for the skydiving in Switzerland as well? It is a lot of money to take over in Swiss franc’s and was wondering if I needed cash for it or if I could use a credit or debit card instead? Thanks


Hey Marrie, you will need cash BUT if you have a debit or credit card there are a few ATMs in town which you can withdraw Swiss francs from. Also, the company usually accepts with Swiss francs OR Euros, which means you don’t have to worry about having too many currencies!


Thank you that helps!


Hi Marrie,
From my experience on tour, we were able to pay our Jungfrau Mountain Excursion by credit card. I was also told that we could do that with Skydiving also, you will only need cash to cover the deposit (given to your tour leader on the bus) but you can pay the rest on credit. You can pay in SF or Euro. This is really good because you then don’t have to carry odd Swiss francs around with you. Oh! BTW, you need 5sfc to get hot water on the campsite so make sure you have 2-3 per shower. each coin allows for 4min hot water… :wink:


You have to pay for hot water… haha. Thanks!