Skydiving in switzerland


Does anyone know if there is a dvd or photos included in the price of the jump?


Hey Lisa

These are at an additional cost which are as follows:

Video: 130 CHF
Photo: 90 CHF
Both: 170 CHF


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I am doing the European Pioneer in 2011 and I want to go sky diving over the alps. Does anyone know whats involved, the costs, restrictions and is it on all tours??



Hi Sarah

For a full list of optional activities for your specific trip check out: and you’ll find 3 PDFs on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Happy Travels!


Who is the skyding with (which company)… and is the option by topdeck the plane jump or helicopter?

Im on the European Unplugged on the 29th of July and cannot wait!


I was wondering the same thing, is it that Scenic Air company? I want to do the helicopter jump!!!


Hi All,
I just came back from European Getaway a few weeks ago and it was GREAT fun! Marrie, the skydiving in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is from and helicopter and the skydiving in Tyroll, Austria is done by a plane. I signed up to go skydiving in Switz but due to weather…it got cancelled… :’(

Have fun!! you’ll all have a ball!


Hi Sue,

So did you manage to do skydiving? What about Tyrol?


Wow I really wanted to go skydiving for the 250 but can’t believe the price of video or even a photo is so over priced!


yea! do people usually purchase the photo/video or both for the skydive?


I know it is expensive… but if you are like me… its a once in a lifetime experience, and i want to prove i did it, so i will be spending the money on the extra photos/dvd… since its never going to happen again i feel its a pretty good investment [^]


I think everyone on my trip purchased the DVD.

It’s worth it because it has some intro interviews, followed by the trek up, and the actual skydive. It’s professional with good music and transitions.

I’m not sure about pictures, but definitely get the DVD!


Hello!! I´m going to take 20 European Getaway next August 21st… I´ve never done skydiving before, how dangerous could it be???



If you do skydiving in Switzerland then worry not. The jump guys are both ex-army guys that have done thousands of jumps.

You are as safe as you could possibly be.


Thank´s a lot Mathew!!


I did the skydive in Switzerland and it was amazing!! anyone considering it should go for it! the price is well worth the experience and for me it was the highlight of the whole tour. I felt 100% safe the whole time and the guys are very experienced

also the maximum weight was 90kg

any more info wanted the website for the company is


Are these prices still the same? Or are there updated prices for this activity.



I’d like to know about clothing for this activity. If I’m wearing thermals on the day, will I get too hot during the dive?
Is it still from helicopter?
Does anyone know if I’m able to take an action cam with me on the dive?

Thanks in advance


Hey everyone, i’m just wondering if all the excursions are gonna be the same time as the skydiving. Would love to do all activities. Thank you